Terms and Conditions

  • All school stuff must be laundered, ironed or clean and in a suitable condition for re-sale.
  • Your school stuff is sold on consignment and you will receive 55% of the sale price by cheque in the mail with a description of what we have sold for you and how many items you have left for sale.
  • Sales are collated at the end of each month and cheques are sent out monthly. Cheques will be made out for school stuff sold once combined commission sales of your items reach $20 or more. For any combined commission sales of under $20 can be taken in cash from our store or you can use your consignment payment as store credit (please contact us first so we can organise any cash for you). If you misplace your cheque and need a new one issued there is a bank charge of $15 to have your cheque cancelled and reissued which will be deducted from your commission total. If you have not received a cheque from us for more than 3 months please contact us so we can check your account.
  • We reserve the right to price your school stuff as we consider appropriate.
  • Items will remain for sale until sold and the stock remains yours until sold. You can remove your school stuff for sale at any time providing it has not sold. Please let us know in advance if you would like to remove your school stuff from sale so we have time to locate items on the racks for you.
  • Please notify us of any changes to your contact details.
  • School stuff that becomes discontinued will not be able to be sold and you will be contacted to pick up your school stuff or we can donate to charity on your behalf.
  • We will care for your school stuff as if it is our own but no responsibility is taken for goods being stolen as insurance does not cover this cost.
  • Any changes to our terms and conditions will be made on our website www.secondhandschoolspecialists.com.au